Why logo design is important?

Why is logo design important? Every design is important for some reasons and logo design is not an exception. Creators from or 99designs know it for sure. Logotypes are those features, that the customers put attention for the first time on, so it’s design has a great importance. Right colors and fonts have to […]

Photo manipulations by Anthony Hearsey

Photo manipulations by Anthony Hearsey Someone think, that it’s impossible to be a professional in any sphere of creation if you are young, because you don’t have enough experience. Anthony Hearsey proves that this is totally false opinion with his awesome pictures. Anthony is a retoucher, photographer and image maker, who is working in Australia, […]

Trends in logo redesign

Trends in logo redesign Trends are changing and it is absolutely normal, so design of logotypes has to be changed too. The most famous corporations understand it and re-branding process happens from time to time. Sometimes changes bring good results, sometimes bad, but it’s necessary to know the rules and principles of re-branding to avoid […]

Takashi Yasui: Japan

Takashi Yasui: Japan Photographer is one of the most popular and creative job in our times and it’s not surprising. Where can you found such work, that can make your imagination be free? It’s quite difficult, but photo creator is one of such ones. Lots of people try themselves in this sphere, but not everyone […]

The importance of color in logo design

The importance of color in logo design   Not every creator, when he is starting the design process, thinks about the importance of right chosen color and it’s one of the most widespread mistakes. Every color has it’s own meaning and is oriented on direct audience. It’s described in quite easy way in the next […]

Chocolate photos

Chocolate photos It’s difficult to believe in, but even with chocolate it’s possible to create awesome photos if you are a professional. Yaroslav Danylchenko is a young photographer from Ukraine is working as a food, beverage and product photographer in Kiev. He is young, but thanks to his professionalism he already worked with such corporations […]

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